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Things You Must Know Before 

Trading With Villagers ! 

Trading system is one of the most used game mechanics in Minecraft.. With the help of villagers, players can obtain a wide range of items by trading.

In the early days of Minecraft, villagers only had a few professions. On top of that, their trades were substandard and mediocre compared to present-day villagers. The 1.14 update improved the villager trading system by adding new professions, trades, and levels.

Villager Trading In Minecraft : 5 Things You Should Know !

Why To Trade? :

Some of the items that they trade with you are rare, such as chain armor (it is kind of useless), woodland mansion or ocean monument map, they can not be obtained using any other methods in survival mode, so we need to trade with villagers in order to get these kinds of rare items.

Wandering villager trades seem to be useless. But most of the offers are uncollectible/very hard to obtain in survival mode. If you are a item collector, consider trading with them!

5)Cured Villagers Reduce There Prices :

Villagers Can Be Easily Become Zomified By Getting Attacked By Zombies.But This Isn't A Bad Thing  !
Many Players Try To Zombify There Villagers Because After Curing Zombie Villagers To Normal Villagers They Reduce There Prices !!To Cure You Need A Splash Potion Of Weakness And A Golden Apple.Try It Now ;)

4)Buying Same Item Increases Its Cost :

Some Players Think That Buying Same Items Repeatedly Will Reduce Its Cost..But Sorry You Are Wrong !
Whenever A Players Buys Same Item Frequently The Villager Increases Its Price To Get More Profits ! (Yea they have brain too xD)
Similarly, villagers reduce the prices of other trades with low demand. Players can buy cheap items to lower costs for costly trades.

3)Let Villagers Talk To Each Other :

Villagers Are Social-Being In Minecraft.They Like To Live As A Community And Talk To Each Other.While Making Trading Hall Make Sure That They Can Talk To Each Other.
In Minecraft, players have a reputation among villagers. When a player trades multiple times with a villager, their reputation increases. Villagers can spread a player's reputation to other villagers, which will make them reduce their prices.

2)Trade Limit:

Villagers Don't Have Infinite Items In Players Can Trade An Item For Only 12-16 Times.After That Villager Should Get His Job Block To Renew His Trades.
Villagers Can Renew Only 4 Times A Day.After That You Have To Wait 1 ingame day.

1)Loop :
As Mentioned Earlier, Players Can Reduce Prices To 1 emaralds.With This You Can Get Infinite Emaralds By A Simple Trick.
For example, players can reduce buying and selling costs for both bookshelves and books to one emerald.
Players can buy one bookshelf for one emerald and break it to get three books. Then, these books can be sold for one emerald each. This way, players can gain triple their emeralds.

0)Some Extra Tips :

Trade sticks with fletchers. (The Best Strategies!)

It is the best trade in villager trading and it is the easiest way to get emeralds from villagers. You can get sticks easily by chopping up trees, while one wood worths 8 sticks (1 wood -> 4 wood planks -> 8 sticks). Every 32 sticks you trade to him, you will get one emerald.

Avoid trading an offer with a villager to their last slot

It will increase the price of that offer. Wait until it works at their job station so they can research their trades.

Good Villager Trades

Trade compass to cartographer (compasses are cheap to make) and trade wheat/carrots/beetroots to farmers (can be obtained from village farms). Trade unwanted raw animal meats to butcher (Kill animals) and trade clay to stone mason. (Get clay from lakes and ponds). These kind of items are easy to get. This can help you to get emeralds easily.

No attacking and killing!

Don’t do anything that affects your reputation like attacking and killing villagers, this may result in higher prices.

“Hero of the Village” effect

If you get the “Hero of the Village” effect by defeating raids, you will get a discount when trading with villagers. Make the most out of this effect! The effect will disappear after a few days. 90 minutes precisely.

Destroy the work stations and rebuild another one

This will change the villager’s job. You can do this when you think that villager job is unfavourable to you, mostly because you think the trade offers suck. Unfortunately, this technique can only be used on villager that wasn’t traded with. It will not affect your popularity.

Make the villagers breed

You can trade with more villagers if you do so! Build more beds and give villager your food by throwing food to them. Food that can be given to villagers are wheat, potato, carrot, beetroot and bread. You can also give farmers seeds so they can farm food to themselves. Villager will breed once fulfill the above conditions. (Refer to the photo below for the breeding process.)

Villagers Trade  Image : 

So This Was Some Stategies And Tips For Trading.Hope You Liked It..

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