Minecraft 1.19 Updates !

 For Many Minecraft Fans,"Minecraft Live 2021" Was Exciting As Expected,With A Variety Of New Features Announced And Updates Confirmed For The Game ! 

One Of The Biggest Announcement Was On The Minecraft Update 1.19 Referred As "THE WILD UPDATE" which promises to add new blocks,mobs and items.

                   So Lets See What's New in 1.19 👀

1)New Minecraft 1.19 Biomes : 

New Biomes Update Was The Most Interesting Updates In 1.19

This new biome only generates at only the deepest depths of the Minecraft world, and is where the legendary new Warden mob is set to spawn. Warden Was Supposed To Be Released In 1.18 Update But Unfortunately It Has Been Delayed To 1.19.

Also found within deep dark biomes are deep dark cities, which are a new type of structure for players to explore. It was revealed in t event that these deep dark cities have some kind of "interesting" purpose, as hinted by Mojang in a rather cryptic manner.

But Minecraft Also Revealed The Changes In Swamp Biome By Adding New Mangrove Trees,Mud Blocks,And Mobs Like Frogs,Tadpoles And Fireflies.

2)New Mobs :

Many Of You Are Aware That "ALLAY" Was Indeed The Winner Of Minecraft Live 2021 Mobs Voting With Almost 1.3 million votes.Not A Whole Known About This Mob.But Its Expected That It Can Be Used to Retrieve And Gather Special Items For Players.Will Likely Get More About It In Future.

Another New Mob Set To Be Added Is The Fearsome Warden.This Mob Is One Of The Most Powerful In Game And Deals An Attack Damage Of 30 damage point Per Hit !

Mojang Also Announced 3 Wildlife Mobs In 1.19 Update Frogs,Tadpoles and Fireflies maybe more to be reavelead in future.The three wildlife mobs announced thus far seem to work in a small ecosystem within the swamp biome. Frogs eat fireflies, and of course, tadpoles grow into frogs.

3)New Items :

Boats With Chests [similar to minecart with chest ] But Only One Player Can Sit With A Chest (different wood variants available)

BUNDLES : This item was annoucened in Minecraft Live 2020 And was to be release in 1.18 Update(caves and cliffs part 2) But Has Been Posponded And now will be available in Minecraft 1.19.

Use : A Bundle Is A Storage Item That Can Be Used For Managing Items In Players Inventory.

SCULK BLOCK FAMILY:Including Sculk Catalyst And and spooky new sculk shrieker blocks.Sculk Catalyst helps Promotes spread of Sculk Blocks and thrives EXP of dead mobs.Sculk Shrieker blocks make screeching noises upon detecting a player and are use in alerting the Warden when the player is nearby.

This Was The Some Updates Announced By Mojang Officialy For 1.19 Update.More Can Be Added In Future.Minecraft 1.19 Is Supposed To Be Released In 2022 ! Dont Forget 1.18(caves and cliffs 2 ) Is Still To Be Released :)


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